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Daily Study Group

We are delighted to invite you to this Daily Study Group, a brand new and dynamic community of people inspiring each other through study and action. Each week from Monday through to Friday we will read and study daily, a particular book until we understand the book and implement the teachings of the book into our lives through our actions. When younger we quite unknowingly were taught to read a book and move onto the next one, gathering more and more knowledge in our minds while being judged as to how much knowledge we had actually gathered.  It was only until I met Mr Bob Proctor and he taught me how to actually study to understand through repetition that my results started to change. Since that day I have consistently studied daily either by myself or with accountability partners, but the most effective study I have found is when I study in a community of like thinkers be it in a mastermind group or a book study. The dynamics of studying in a group of people whom support one another and encourage one another to get better every day continues to this day to be the most effective for me, which is why we decided to form this group and bring people together to encourage and keep one another accountable. We are delighted to have you hear and encourage you to let go and fully immerse yourself in the study and book.  

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